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Staplers and nailers have become indispensable work tools as they are utilized in many and varied industry sectors, including furniture, construction, craft and textiles, and fur and leather. Pneumatic tools are the ideal choice when speed in fastening operations is a necessity; particularly for professional, high volume operations. A pneumatic tool allows the operator to accomplish more with little strain and fatigue.

Various factors determine which pneumatic tool is best for your needs:
• Your specific application
• The volume and difficulty of the work
• Material density and hardness
Considering the previous factors, choose the most suitable fastener type (headless pins, brads, nails, staples) and the size. Then choose the tool for that fastener type and size.

The features to consider when choosing a tool are:
• power
• weight
• operating speed
• magazine capacity
• loading mode
• accepted fastener sizes
• maneuverability
• compactness
• reliability
• safety

The specific psi required will vary with the model and the application. Pneumatic tools operate with compressed air at a pressure range of 50 to 115 psi (3.5-8 bar).

The warranty on OMER products, in accordance with the law, covers products for two years from the date of delivery and may be enforced directly against the vendor in a case where the product is defective or does not conform to the terms of sale. The warranty does not provide coverage for tools that are lost, stolen or damaged due to misuse, neglect or normal wear.
The Consumer Code (d.gls. N.206 dated 06/9/05 which transposes the directive 1999/44/CE) states that the seller is obliged to deliver to the buyer a product which conforms to the terms of sale.

There are several firing modes available for OMER pneumatic tools and these are established by current European legal regulations. The user should select from the availble mode options based on the type and size of fastener they are using.
Available firing modes are:
• single fire
• dual actuation
• auto-fire
• single sequential
• full sequential
• contact safety
The operators should select the option best suited to their application.

OMER tools are engineered and built in accordance to current European legal regulations to ensure safety when used properly.
OMER tools comply with the essential safety requirements enforced by the UNI EN ISO 11148-13:2018.

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