Thanks to our team of experts, we ensure a prompt and high level customer service experience even after your purchase.

We are attentive to the needs of every single customer and we are able to offer premium customization options for our products.

Maintenance & repair

Tutorial Video for base level repairs

The features to consider when choosing a tool are

• Fastener type and size
• Magazine capacity
• Firing mode
• Safety options
• Ergonomics

Technical data sheets

Download technical data for Omer tools

air pressure

The air pressure necessary for the proper functioning of a tool, ranges from 5 to 7 bars maximum. This pressure can be obtained through a standard 20 liters domestic compressor.


With the help of our advance inventory system, we can stock a wide range of products each with its own identification code.


The ability to offer customized tools is one of our main advantages. We can adapt our tools based on the customer's specific request.

Price book

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