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Our products are designed to be used in various manufacturing applications including construction, nautical industry, automotive industry and medical devices.


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Omer certifications

In 2013, Omer recieved the A.E.O. (authorized economic operator, custom authorization no. IT AEOC 13 0723) certification. This status certifies that Omer complies with customs laws, is finacially reliable and ethical, and maintains accurate and proper accounting practices.

In compliance to the CE 14592 requirements, the the staple series S29, SD, M3, S4, 700 and M2 are now available upon request. The purpose of this European standard is to place safety regulations upon the technical design and engineering of fasteners that are to be used in construction for load bearing timber structures.

Omer products, for some time, have held the GOST certification for pneumatic tools to be distributed into the Russian Market. It was important to our company to to support our Russian customers in introducing and marketing our products within their market.