Type: Pogo-Stick / Walking-stick
Compatible with tool: 32.18, 32.22, 34.18, 34L.18, 34L.22, 35.18, 35.22, C.18 ROLL, 34.18 ROLL, A.18 ROLL, A.22 ROLL, D.18 ROLL

Product description

For those times when our compact two foot long handle (600mm) isn't up to the task at hand count on Omer to offer up another 270mm longer option to meet the customer's requests. Here we bring to the job a 2' 10 1/4" (870mm) overall length Walking Stick (Pogo Stick) alternative. The dense, compact weight that is inherent to Carton Closing tool designs with a 1,000 staple ROLL capacity can make matters harder to manipulate. Without the help of this EXTENSION Handle the challenging ergonomics of reaching "deep" into cartons, can become painfully clear. Few people have arms long enough and wrists strong enough, to comfortably control such heavy staplers. Periodically encountered are undeniable demands for extra stapler control plainly found in some specialized application circumstances. When that time comes the 99.03.2K (KIT) extension handle awaits the call. This KIT can be installed on the following Omer carton closing staplers: 32.18 - 32.22 - 34.18 - 34L.18 - 34L.22 - 35.18 - 35.22 - C.18 ROLL - 34.18 ROLL - A.18 ROLL - A.22 ROLL - D.18 ROLL. Walking Stick's exact length - single handle - is: 870 mm = which equals 2' 10 1/4" overall.

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