Type: Pogo-Stick / Walking-stick
Compatible with tool: 32.18, 32.22, 34.18, 34L.18, 34L.22, 35.18, 35.22, C.18 ROLL, 34.18 ROLL, A.18 ROLL, A.22 ROLL, D.18 ROLL

Product description

When a challenging application presents itself, everyone loves an extension handle that can be attached to the CAP of their ROLL Carton Closing Stapler. The compact weight that is part of these tool's 1,000 staple ROLL capacity makes it infinitely more comfortable to manipulate when driving a heavy ROLL with a long reach Walking Stick (often called a Pogo Stick). The ergonomics of reaching "deep" into cartons come into high relief when we realize that few people have arms long enough to allow comfortable control of such a heavy stapler. Required operation in some circumstances is vastly enhanced by the 99.03K (KIT) extension handle. This KIT can be installed on the following Omer carton closing staplers: 32.18 - 32.22 - 34.18 - 34L.18 - 34L.22 - 35.18 - 35.22 - C.18 ROLL - 34.18 ROLL - A.18 ROLL - A.22 ROLL - D.18 ROLL. Walking Stick's exact length, single handle is: 600mm = which equals 1' 11 5/8" overall.

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