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Equivalent to: Bostitch SW 9040

Gauge: 16
Wire dimension (mm): 0.80 x 2.25
Internal crown width (mm): 34.5

Product description

Study the closure of any Cardboard boxes and you quickly see that its security and added strength, directly depend on well "clinched" staples. Often found both in the top and bottom of cartons worldwide, or sometimes the bottom is pre-stapled for the laminating strength it provides...then product is filled into the carton and either tape or more of these staples are chosen to finish the job. Omer's renowned Italian quality and our control of our own wire draw consistency - is appreciated more than ever in the Carton Closing Staple world. We proudly brand Carton Closing Staples that bear our name and they TRULY are our promise of ultimate satisfaction. Why settle for anything less than Omer?

Item Length (mm) Length (inch) Finish Gauge Internal crown width (mm) Point
34L / 15 15 5/8" liquor finish 16 34.5 Chisel
34L / 18 18 3/4" liquor finish 16 34.5 Chisel
34L / 22 22 7/8" liquor finish 16 34.5 chisel
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