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12.25 CLT3-3

Equivalent to: Senco AX AY - Bostitch BT1300 - DUO FAST B440

Codice: #12212530-3
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: remote fire

Max fastener length (mm): 25
Min fastener length (mm): 13
Motor: 220

Product description

Triple Length Omer 1.00mm x 1.25mm wire (18 gauge) brad nailer magazines answer the call for half again more nails on tap. Of course the ever popular Top Load Feature awaits. When tools are mounted on to stationary fixtures and automated systems LEAST loading time is what many system builders look for first and foremost. The 12.25 CLT3-3 comes form the factory with Normally Close remote fire valve type but it can be equipped with any of our valving systems you prefer. We also offer Omer's dedicated mounting bracket and nose safety options. These machines are fine examples of the Omer product line, featuring tools designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Built from the ground up with quality and attention to detail second to none.