Codice: #11412290
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length (mm): 25
Min fastener length (mm): 10
Motor: MINI


Product description

This fully Italian made Omer/Raptor customized bradder shoots BRADS made with 1.15mm x 1.15mm POLYMER wire. Delightfully COMPACT, this model accommodates 12mm and 25mm fastener lengths. Both are easily driven by this adequately powered and nicely balanced bradder. Diminutive though it may be, the Omer 12P.25 nailer holds a full 100 polymer brads so reloads are far fewer than expected. Thanks to the NOSE hanging comfortably below the magazine bottom - shooting in harder to reach places is a breeze. Very little maneuvering of your hand is required. Dual trigger style is a welcome addition to the little top loading tool's subtle features that blend together to create a fan favorite. Nearly indestructible rugged design featuring long life internal parts, yield decades of nailing joy.