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Equivalent to: BeA 140

Codice: #17481A10
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 40
Min fastener length (mm): 15
Motor: 740

Product description

Constant Improvement through refinement and innovation, is what we see in the 740 Motor Series of Omer tools. As we pushed further into the 2010's decade the older 710 series Omer bodies were updated to enjoy the light weight of magnesium body design, coupled with added power and maneuverability. These staplers have provided years of refinement and trial by fire proof of their ability to go the distance. Minimized Down Time blended with maximized reliability is a hall mark of the Omer 740 family of tools. This TOP LOADING STANDARD MAGAZINE 140.738 tool exemplifies the Omer product line's strength of having been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and thereby infused with quality and attention to detail. 740 motor series tools for staples come from the factory with fast BUMP FIRE trigger but Sequential and Remote Fire Trigger options are always available. Please review our firing mode section to see the triggers peculiarities in detail.