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Equivalent to: Bostitch SW 7437

Codice: #197B18MT2
Characteristics: standard magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: manual actuation

Max fastener length (mm): 18
Min fastener length (mm): 15
Motor: CRT

Product description

Manual (non-pneumatic) Carton Closing Staplers come in several popular crown widths and wire diameters. This is Omer's answer for those wanting an economical carton closing stapler which matches the commonly seen Bostitch SW7437 series staples. Like the Carton Closing tool's "A" series staple Omer's 34 series stapler can accept leg lengths up to 18mm long. The wire is flattened to .074" X .037" (0.80mmx1.90mm) which is the reason for the code used. Prized for all kinds of commercial and packaging applications this is another Omer carton closer which provides adjustments to allow for most desired clinch patterns. Choose Omer for this Internationally Sourced carton tool. Rest assured that it is faithfully designed and produced to match Omer's specifications as well as tested and in some details improved, before it finally leaves the Italian factory.