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50.16 RB

Equivalent to: DUO FAST 50 - BeA 95

Codice: #1156700RB
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length (mm): 16
Min fastener length (mm): 6
Motor: MINI

Product description

Omer expands the horizons of many plier stapler users. Sometimes SIMPLE is Best. If you need throat depth to allow materials to be stapled and clinched in place with a Flexible Anvil arm that rides below the magazine for ease of stapling, the Omer 50.16 RB provides an overall length tool of 223mm ready to tackle various clinching staple needs. The same is true for the other standard length magazine tool models that Omer makes in 62.16 RB, 80.16 RB and 64.16 RB models. These various staple types can be matched to give the best width and surface area of wire to hold the materials together.