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50.16 ROC2

Equivalent to: DUO FAST 50 - BeA 95

Codice: #1146750ROC2
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: foot pedal actuation (pneumatic)

Max fastener length (mm): 16
Min fastener length (mm): 6

Product description

Everything the Omer ROC stapler provides, is DOUBLED with the ROC2 set up of its staplers. Dual tools are adjustable for spacing to match a wide variety of choices. Put two staples close together when required?or space them wide apart. The tools slide laterally to allow a wide range of options. Fine wire staple series (3G, 26, 64, 62, 80, 50, 65, 40, 4097 and SJK) allow thin wire choices to suit many application needs. Aluminum frame installs on any surface. Italian craftsmanship is evident inside and out. OMER, When only the very best will do. NOTE: The "C" in our ROC system tools stands for CONTACT, meaning that the tool fires when sensor comes in CONTACT with the material you insert. The pedal in this case having the only fuction of an additional safety.