Codice: #11561590
Characteristics: long magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length (mm): 14
Min fastener length (mm): 6
Motor: MINI

Product description

Long Ago...Omer 'perfected' the LONG MAGAZINE design refinements that have stood up to many decades of optimal performance. Throughout these years of refinement and understanding of the nuances involved in feeding twice as many fasteners, Omer has provided our 100% Italian engineering excellence. Dare we compare ourselves to the Olympic Gymnast who "Nailed The Landing" and took full advantage of another chance to shine. All the known advantages of a bottom loading design come into play. With a latch your little finger loves...release of the catch - allows extra-quick and smooth fastener replenishment. Becomes second nature and can be reloaded without really looking too closely or in the dark. Muscle Memory takes over with Bottom Load magazines in general and perhaps even more so with LONG MAGAZINE (double length) variants. Jam clearing and visual inspection/blowing out debris with air to keep things clean - are but a few advantages. Yet, when Other brands have tried to provide their own interpretation of a long magazine that "looks similar" Omer's design details all but SING the praises of their Form & Function. Staplers with twice the load capacity yet still renowned for "ZERO complaints”. 81P CL tools accommodate Raptor staples made with 1.00mm x 1.25mm POLYMER wire, up to 16mm long. It fits nicely all those applications where metal fasteners are a problem. Polymer fasteners can be cut, shaped and sanded with the wood without damaging bits, blades or abrasive, they don’t rust, oxidize or cause galvanic corrosion and they have twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners. Welcome to Raptor and the FUTURE of fastener/tool customization.