Codice: #114615290
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: remote fire

Max fastener length (mm): 14
Min fastener length (mm): 6
Motor: MINI

Product description

Raptor's Omer made staplers sometimes need to have both a DOUBLE LENGTH magazine capacity AND a Top Load Feature. When tools are mounted on to stationary fixtures and automated systems, you lose the ability to INVERT a bottom loading magazine design for fast reloading. So Omer's 100% Italian engineering team gives the option of a smooth, top loading alternative. Always ready to solve fastening problems and turn them into production "opportunities", Omer the name to trust. 81P CLT shoots Raptor staples made with 1.00mm x 1.25mm POLYMER wire, up to 16mm. It fits nicely all those applications where metal fasteners are a problem. Polymer fasteners can be cut, shaped and sanded with the wood without damaging bits, blades or abrasive, they don’t rust, oxidize or cause galvanic corrosion and they have twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners.