Codice: #11562190
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 14
Min fastener length (mm): 6
Motor: MINI

Product description

When Omer and Raptor team up and provide an option that features "BUMP FIRE" - for higher speed applications - the best of both worlds is realized. Rapid placement of these staples by what many customers call the Contact Trip method of shooting - gives BOTH the ability to carefully push the tool down and fire precise placement shots and then when the "high-speed lane" opens up on the highway, Bump Fire is off to the races. Compared to other brands we offer drastically minimized down time, which is a hall mark of the Omer Mini Motor family of tools. Parts longevity and ease/speed of preventative maintenance are part of the mystique that makes the OMER tools stand alone in their field. 82P S Model shoots Raptor staples made with 1.40mm x 1.85mm POLYMER wire, up to 16mm. It fits nicely all those applications where metal fasteners are a problem. Polymer fasteners can be cut, shaped and sanded with the wood without damaging bits, blades or abrasive, they don’t rust, oxidize or cause galvanic corrosion and they have twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners.