Codice: #1A400810
Characteristics: long magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: remote fire

Max fastener length (mm): 15
Min fastener length (mm): 10

Product description

In the world of High Load Pinners and Bradders, to find a SPACE AGE Looking precision designed Omer tool is like finding a diamond. Productivity is greatly enhanced by a 420 fastener capacity but the RIGIDLY mountable shape gives this New...A40 Omer tool a kind of bed rock sturdy nature. Vibration is the long known enemy of mounting a hand held tool on to automated systems but the A40 puts those concerns to bed once and for all. Rugged, Robust, if the ROCK OF GIBRALTER was a nailing head...it would look like the Omer A40. Again OMER proves to be on the cutting edge of systems mounted equipment.