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Equivalent to: Bostitch BT1200 - DUO FAST 764 - Senco Finish Pro-32

Codice: #1441400
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: Single Sequential trigger + contact actuation (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 50
Min fastener length (mm): 20
Motor: 440

Product description

Performers have a saying about "A Hard Act To Follow" such is the case here when bringing to market our Next Generation 440 Motor powered B14.450 model. It is tasked with Superceeding the fan-favorite 14.50 (50mm Bradder for 1.40x1.60mm wire – 16 gauge) which has long been renowned as the TANK TOUGH and often called bullet-proof design that stands up to the toughest industrial applications with ease.  Yet, Omer's talented design team found a way to KEEP all that was loved about the older tool...and enhance things with the advantages of REAR EXHAUST...smooth "hammer cap" no longer needing bolts on top.  Streamlined performance in every way...but staying TRUE to the basic characteristics our customers love - such as quick-opening nose system to clear any jam....but now it takes less effort to OPEN the nose plate.  Accurate and easily adjusted counter-sink depth control - No Mar Tips, and in short everything you could ever want PLUS the Next Generation's delivery of even more. Please check our web page dedicated to the “NEW OMER LINE UP” and see the new features in full detail.