Codice: #14417190
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: Single Sequential actuation + Contact Actuation trigger (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 32
Min fastener length (mm): 12
Motor: 440


Product description

A completely new Omer model that shoots a rigid and properly stout POLYMER BRADS. Metered with a correct measure of required drive power, yet accomplished without any sense of over-kill. This new model replaces the old 17P.32 which was long renowned as the TANK TOUGH. The new tool is an heir to its predecessor's truly bullet-proof design. Robust in every way and ready to take on the toughest industrial applications with ease. Yet, Omer's talented design team found a way to BRING FORWARD all that was loved about the older tool...while enhancing the New B17P432 with the noted advantages of REAR EXHAUST... A smooth "hammer cap" no longer needing bolts on top. Net result = A Hammer Cap that lets you tap materials without unsightly cap-bolt 'dents'. Expect truly streamlined performance in every way...but staying TRUE to the basic characteristics our customers love. Please check our web page dedicated to the “NEW OMER LINE UP” and see the new features in full detail.