CF.15 A

Equivalent to: BeA W - Duo Fast CF - Senco CF

Codice: #17296110
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Max fastener length (mm): 15
Min fastener length (mm): 10
Motor: 720


Product description

Mitre joints, Butt joints, Cabinet and Furniture Frames. From Pre Fab housing uses, to the Used Pallet repair of splits in deck boards and stringers. Even holding the non structural webs together while assembling Trusses before flipping them over for plate attachment. These and myriad other uses for the traditional 5 flute corrugated fastener have been found over five decades of corrugated tool industrial use. This pneumatic tool is compatible with W type 25mm wide corrugated staples from 8mm to 15mm. The motor is known for its time proven durability, long lasting parts including driver blades and absolute minimal downtime or excessive preventative maintenance demands. The tool has extra power to drive (single sequential firing mode) the 25mm wide corrugated fasteners into dense materials. Remote Fire Triggers are available options in our products line.