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Codice: #195MCN2132
Characteristics: flat winding|PVC coil nails 0°
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire) + Single Sequential trigger

Max fastener length (mm): 32
Min fastener length (mm): 16
Shank diameter (mm): 1.8
Motor: MORE


Product description

Small Nailer for 1.80mm shank diameter round nail heads of 4.50mm-5.00mm. Made for only - PLASTIC "Inserted" Sheet Collation - Flat Coils from 16mm-32mm lengths Internationally sourced by Omer, this small coil nailer holds a load of 150 nails. Great for production of Wooden boxes and all sorts of decorative applications. Feeds both smooth and even annular ring shank nail types. Exceptionally light and maneuverable for applications in need on thin diameter often called "cooler" and 'box' nails. A fine example of an ultra-compact coil tool carefully executed to match the tough standards required to bear the Omer name. CN21.32 nailers come from the factory with a selective trigger that allows to switch back and forth between Contact Actuation (Bump Fire) & Single Sequential actuation.