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Codice: #195MCN2132D1
Characteristics: flat winding|PVC coil nails 0°
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire) + Single Sequential trigger

Max fastener length (mm): 32
Min fastener length (mm): 16
Shank diameter (mm): 2.03
Motor: MORE


Product description

CN21.32 D1 - Allows for a larger head diameter of 5.5mm Similar to the CN21.32 - except there is an added "D1" Guide on the nose which lets the operator smoothly slide the tool along the surface of wooden boxes and crates - increasing both speed and productivity. Smooth shank or even Ring Shank nails can be fed through the feeder pawl system on-board. Handles stronger 2.03mm diameter nail shanks up to 28mm maximum length. Internationally sourced by Omer, this is another example of very specialized tools carefully executed to match the tough standards required to bear the Omer family name. CN21.32 comes from the factory with a selective trigger that allows to switch back and forth between Contact Actuation (Bump Fire) & Single Sequential actuation.