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Codice: #195MCN2550-C1
Characteristics: flat winding, conical winding, PVC coil nails 0°, wire coil nails 16°
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire) + Single Sequential trigger

Max fastener length (mm): 50
Min fastener length (mm): 32
Shank diameter (mm): 2.1-2.3
Motor: MORE

Product description

"MORE" CN25.50 is a coil Nailer for 2.1mm - 2.3mm shank diameter round nail head of 5.2mm. Made for BOTH plastic "inserted" sheet collation Flat coils from 32mm-65mm lengths AND wire welded 15 and 16 degree Flat wound Coil AND Conical coils in lengths from 32mm-50mm. Able to take Ring & Screw shank deformation as well as smooth shanks - it can be used for wooden fence - sheathing/sub-floor plywood type of construction applications & industrial woodworking. This MORE coil nailer carries a load capacity of 350 nails in typical 2.3mm shank size nails. It’s well designed feed-pawl system moves longest and shortest length nails into the nose of the tool smoothly. A great example of a well balanced and maneuverable pretty small size coil nailer properly made to match the tough standards required to bear the Omer name. This model has a Dial Adjustable Depth Control that characterize the ability of this nailer to be "tuned" to match precise applications, you set it where you want it to be for the perfect degree of countersink or leave the head "driven just flush”. CN25.50 nailer comes from the factory with a selective trigger that allows to switch back and forth between Contact Actuation (Bump Fire) & Single Sequential actuation.