Codice: #195MCN2865
Characteristics: flat winding, conical winding, PVC coil nails 0°, wire coil nails 16°
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire) + Single Sequential trigger

Max fastener length (mm): 65
Min fastener length (mm): 32
Shank diameter (mm): 2.3-3
Motor: MORE

Product description

This tool holds 300 coil nails - while his sister CN 25.50 "skinny" coil nailer were able to hold 350 nails in their Canister that adjusts up and down to match the length of the nails. Shank diameters that this tool can accept - are 2.3mm-2.5mm with the same 15 degree popular coil collation angle (we call ours 16 degree but it is essentially the same really). Heads however have grown in diameter up to: 5.2mm – 6.2mm range with Ring and Screw options to go along with the normal smooth shank configuration. FLAT Wound Coil collation with two wires welded in the right spot to allow the feeder pawls to retract and smoothly then push the next nail forward with each successive pull of the trigger. This MORE model also shoots Flat Wound Coil PLASTIC "Inserted" Sheet Collated nails. Still a fairly small 2.05 Kg weight and overall compact envelope size - this is NOT a big bore & stroke nailer for TOUGH applications. It is more custom tailored to shoot just the comparatively thin nails and it will be working at its top capability to drive the longest nail into any dense material. This is more a mid-power and size coil. Literally HALF the weight of the bigger brothers in our line.