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Codice: #195MCN2970
Characteristics: flat winding, wire coil nails 16°
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 70
Min fastener length (mm): 45
Shank diameter (mm): 2.5-2.9
Motor: MORE

Product description

Flat Winding (not a conical coil) wire welded nailer with collation of 15 degree (we call it 16 degree but it works just the same). This nailer is made to accommodate nail head diameter of 7mm with shank range from 2.5mm-2.9mm which is aimed at industrial uses. Lengths of 45mm-70mm range (equal to 5d through 9d nail sizes in the "Penny System"). 300 nail capacity. Able to take Ring & Screw shank deformation as well as smooth shanks - it can be used for sheathing/sub-floor plywood type of construction applications in home building - but we should note that this is an 8 pound range nailer that is rather tall. Suited best for general industrial woodworking. This solid and ruggedly made tool matches the exacting standards required to bear the Omer family name. CN29.70 nailer comes from the factory with Contact Actuation Trigger (Bump Fire), however, Single Sequential trigger type is also available "on request."