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Codice: #195MCN3383
Characteristics: flat winding, wire coil nails 16°
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 83
Min fastener length (mm): 50
Shank diameter (mm): 2.3-3.3
Motor: MORE

Product description

A coil nailer that hits the sweet-spot in North American & European construction tools. A nice big and powerful design which loads from 225 - 250 nails per coil depending on shank diameter. Shanks from 2.5mm-3.3mm allow a wide application range of uses. Head size of 6.9mm and commonly accepted Wire Weld (Flat Wound) coils at the 15 degree (16 degree equivalent). The sizes going from 50mm up to 83mm (6d - 12d) in often stated penny lengths. Weight of 3.90 Kg is just a bit more than its smaller cousin - yet it allows for WALL FRAMING with 83mm and 2.5mm and 3.3mm Shanks. Able to take Ring & Screw shank deformation as well as smooth shanks - it can be used called upon for sheathing/sub-floor plywood type of construction applications in home building trades. Yet, from an industrial perspective it hits a sweet spot for larger crate and wooden box construction demands on thicker shanks and longer lengths with a nice big head diameter. This solid and ruggedly made tool matches the exacting standards which have always been required to bear the Omer family name. CN33.83 nailer comes from the factory with Contact Actuation Trigger (Bump Fire), however, Single Sequential trigger type is also available "on request."