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Codice: #195MCNP3365A1
Characteristics: flat winding|PVC coil nails 16°
Trigger type: Single Sequential actuation

Max fastener length (mm): 65
Min fastener length (mm): 40
Shank diameter (mm): 4
Motor: MORE

Product description

Metal Connectors are one of the fastest growing areas of specialized nailing. Hence the "M.C." designation as this tool's suffix. CNP is a designation that shows the tool is a COIL NAILER made for the specialized Plastic Inserted SHEET collation type. This means that no little bits of collation 'wire' SPIT out at a tool operator as they shoot these nails into Simpson Strong Tie and other such Joist Hangers and Hurricane Strap sort of uses. Higher magazine capacity than the often seen STRIP Metal Connector Nailers which typically only hold a strip of 30 Metal Connector Nails (as in our SNPB-40 series tool). 7.4mm Head Diameter and very THICK with 4.0mm shank diameter. But a key feature and benefit of this CNP 33.65MC tool is that the "probe type of safety on the nose" serves as a HOLE FINDER...so the operator can simply slip the safety's tip into the joist hanger/hurricane strap's HOLES...and then pull the trigger - ensuring that the NAIL will go right into the center of the engineered hole diameter. This nailer has a Dial Adjustable Depth Control that characterize the ability of this nailer to be "tuned" to match precise applications, you set it where you want it to be for the perfect degree of countersink. CNP33.65MC leaves the factory with a Single Sequential Actuation type of trigger.