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Equivalent to: BOSTITCH DB 26°

Codice: #195MDB1564
Characteristics: angled nailers
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

Max fastener length (mm): 64
Min fastener length (mm): 25
Shank diameter (mm): 1.60 x 1.85
Motor: MORE


Product description

Not all Angled Finish Nailers "digest" the same collation angle. They may generally sound like they are similar but certainly do NOT interchange at all. Both the Angle of the strip and the Collation Medium (Glue...versus...TAPE) can vary - so it is wise to make sure you are matching the "MORE" Finish Nailer and its nails to what you want such as this 26° angle finish nailer DB15.64 model. 25mm-63mm length nails in this model nicely serve a variety of applications as baseboards, cabinets, case goods, caskets, chair rails, decorative trim and much more. Internationally sourced by Omer, this is another example of a "MORE" tool series which is carefully executed to match the tough standards required to bear an Omer family name. Rigid testing certifies the quality details and in some areas is even improved, before it leaves our Italian factory. Omer's long standing commitment into the finish nailers world, is enhanced by the industrial performance success of the DB15.64 model. It comes from the factory with Contact Actuation Trigger (Bump Fire). At your request - Single Sequential trigger design is available.