Equivalent to: DUO FAST MB

Codice: #1220810
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Max fastener length (mm): 40
Min fastener length (mm): 12
Motor: 220

Product description

The MG.40 is a classic light wire 0.75mm x 0.90mm (21 gauge) "micro headed bradder" known all round the world for the excellent results in a variety of applications. It provides an extra range of slightly longer fasteners to compliment the use of Omer's next size down MG.30 Micro head Bradder. The MG.40 tool fires up to 40mm and nicely addresses a variety of applications with plenty of power. Often a glue is being used to hold components together and the use of a micro headed brad is employed during the tack time of the mastic. This model shares the Omer upgraded SEQUENTIAL trigger for truly safe heavy duty industrial uses. This motor provides more than sufficient power to drive fasteners into dense materials. Omer manufactures this tool entirely in Italy and thereby giving reassurance that they are infused with quality and attention to detail second to none. Review our firing mode section to see Bump Fire and Remote Fire Trigger options.