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Codice: #195MSN22130A1
Characteristics: angled nailers, 21° strip PVC collated nails
Trigger type: Single Sequential actuation

Max fastener length (mm): 130
Min fastener length (mm): 90
Shank diameter (mm): 3.8-4.2
Motor: MORE


Product description

"MORE" SN22.130 is our “Next to the biggest size” 21 degree (we call it 20 degree but it works equally well with 20 - 22 degree strip collation angles) Plastic Collated Strip Timber nailer. With a Tall Cap for longer stroke and a 6 Kg weight for needed recoil absorption - this nailer is made for 3.8mm – 4.2mm shank diameter round head nail of 8.2mm. It is half way between the smaller sister SN22.100 and our biggest model SN22.160 - but punches above its weight in the Heavy Weight Division of Timber Nailing equipment. Able to take Ring & Screw shank deformation as well as smooth shanks - it can be used for heavy-duty framing, pallet and crating, engineered lumber, decking, dock construction, pole barns. Lengths of 90mm – 130mm range and 60 nail capacity. This solid and ruggedly made tool matches the exacting standards required to bear the Omer family name. SN22.130 nailer comes from the factory with Single Sequential trigger type.