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Codice: #14217190
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: Single Sequential actuation

Max fastener length (mm): 32
Min fastener length (mm): 12
Motor: 420


Product description

Another wonderful Omer/Raptor collaboration, has yielded a customized bradder, which shoots POLYMER BRADS. Powerful but without any sense of over-kill. Yet it still manages to be nicely compact. Maintaining a heft born of a bore & stroke that generates the right Horse Power to DRIVE those nails into Tough Stuff. This snappy rapid firing tool, long recognized for its body and internal part's longevity and precision, the 17P.32 comes from the factory with a Single Sequential trigger, but a Bump Fire option is always available to enhance speed. This model is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and it is recognized everywhere for that hard to define blend of form and function that customers so appreciate. Once again, Raptor/Omer resolves countless problems for applications where metal fasteners are contra-indicated. Polymer fasteners can be cut, shaped and sanded with the wood without damaging bits, blades or abrasive, they will never rust, or oxidize to an ugly color. No galvanic corrosion can take place and they have twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners. Welcome to Raptor and the FUTURE of fastener/tool customization