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80.16 H

Equivalent to: BeA 80/380 - JK 680

Codice: #1146000H
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length (mm): 16
Min fastener length (mm): 4
Motor: MINI

Product description

Omer 80.16 staplers are recognized around the world as the Gold Standard in upholstery staplers. But with the addition of a HAMMER CAP to the top of the tool, there is reassurance that the tool's CAP can be lightly used to TAP or Straighten materials that might otherwise require setting down the tool and going to look for a hammer. Omer's 100% Italian quality design provides a smooth CAP surface made to minimize marring of wood and soft materials. Little features can sometimes mean a lot when being used in the Real World's industrial demanding workplaces. Omer, always here to help.