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80.25 ROP

Equivalent to: BeA 80/380 - JK 680

Codice: #12360ROP
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: foot pedal actuation (pneumatic)

Max fastener length (mm): 25
Min fastener length (mm): 12

Product description

We offer several choices of staplers shown in our Pedal Activated CLINCHING Automation models. Omer's mix of various staple wire types (3G, 26, 64, 62, 80, 50, 65, 40, 4097, SJK series), provides a wide selection of choices to customize a clinched staple wire that best suits the application requirements. Blister Packs, Header Card attachment to bags and various other similar demands can be met by the Omer ROP series stapling system. Dramatically increased fastening speed is provided along with ease and consistency of fastening. Operator's hands are free to securely hold materials being stapled due to our foot actuation Pedal "triggering". Various Anvil designs are available or can be customized on request. While most of the tools allow use of staple leg lengths up to 16mm maximum, there is even a maximum leg length of 25mm option on the 80.25ROP. NOTE: The "P" in our ROP system tools stands for "PEDAL activated".